The Immunization Task Force - Metro Omaha is a non-profit coalition dedicated to educating the public & healthcare providers about immunizations.

2019 Conference Posters

2019: 16th Annual Immunization Conference

Held at the Mike at Josie Harper Center at Creighton University, May 24, 2019 and attended by 265 individuals.


Abstracts and Posters

Title: Analyzing the Influence of Cancer, Government Trust, and Education on Parental HPV Vaccine Hesitancy

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Title: Prevalence and Immunization Coverage of Asplenic Patients at a Community Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska

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Title: Increasing Awareness of Shingles and the Shingles Vaccine Through a Collaborative Effort with a Midwestern Retail Pharmacy.

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Title: Increasing Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Rates Among Early Adolescents with Low Socioeconomic Status

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Title:  Implementation of Immunization Assessment Form and Medical Staff Education Regarding Human Papillomavirus Vaccination

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Title: Pediatric HPV Vaccination: Increasing Parental Intent to Vaccinate

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Title:  Increasing HPV Awareness Related to Head and Neck Cancer: An Educational Module

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Immunizations save lives! Get vaccinated for yourself, for your family and for your community!