The Immunization Task Force - Metro Omaha is a non-profit coalition dedicated to educating the public & healthcare providers about immunizations.

The Immunization Task Force aims to:

  • Promote current national immunization recommendations and raise immunization rates in the community in order to meet national goals.
  • Facilitate partnerships among community groups, health care providers and other agencies throughout the Metro Omaha area.
  • Encourage and support local and statewide development of immunization information systems
  • Increase public education on immunization and advocate policy and legislative issues relating to immunizations in the Metro Omaha area
  • Promote accurate assessment of the immunization status of the Metro Omaha area.

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August is National Immunization Awareness Month 
This is a good time to make sure you are up to date on your Immunizations.  Health care professionals can find a free resources and supportive information at American College of Physicans web page, ACP’s Adult Immunization Resource Hub.   Additional content is on the ITF Public or Health Care Professionals pages.  

Get the expert’s opinion on the importance of vaccinations

Dr. Rudolf Kotula, MD, MBA, FACP, FIDSA  Epidemiologist Methodist Women’s Hospital / Physician Clinic & Asst. Clinical Professor of Medicine Creighton University, offers insights into the importance of getting vaccinated in a recent blog post, “4 Reasons You Should Get Vaccinated”,  Click on the link to read his advice.


There is a high probability that when searching the internet you could encounter an antivaccination activist website that will attempt to fool you with false and inaccurate information about vaccinations. Talk to your doctor or call your local health department for accurate information about vaccinations.

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Susanne Shore, BSN, former first lady of Nebraska, is interviewed by Carol Wang of the Metro Omaha Medical Society. They discuss the importance of immunizations across the lifespan for members of all Nebraska families. – Sponsored by the Immunization Task Force – Metro Omaha

Immunizations save lives! Get vaccinated for yourself, for your family and for your community!