The Immunization Task Force - Metro Omaha is a non-profit coalition dedicated to educating the public & healthcare providers about immunizations.

2015 Conference Posters

2015: 12th Annual Immunization Conference

Held at Hilton Omaha, June 5, 2015 attended by 263 individuals.


Abstracts and Posters

Title: Immunization access through pharmacies located in low income, medically underserved areas
Abstract           Poster

Title: Implementing a robust immunization program for hospitalized patients in a critical access hospital
Abstract            Poster

Title: Advocacy and administration of vaccinations among daycare providers
Abstract            Poster

Title: Engaging student pharmacists through an educational immunization poster competition
Abstract            Poster

Title: The social determinants of HPV vaccine uptake and attitudes
Abstract            Poster

Title: Estimated human and economic burden of four major adult vaccine-preventable diseases in Nebraska, 2013
Abstract            Poster

Title: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): Knowledge and behaviors in a midwestern university
Abstract             Poster

Title: Access to, management and use of immunization information in three rural Nebraska towns
Abstract              Poster

Title: Implications of an immunization status survey conducted annually over five years of a regional immunization conference
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Immunizations save lives! Get vaccinated for yourself, for your family and for your community!